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Frequently asked questions about Dogecoin Whales

What is a Dogecoin Whale?
Doge is a dog, but a whale is a whale. But this does not end here, in the word of finance, a Whale is an entity with enough power to impact the market of an asset by transfer massive transactions.
Can we know if it's an INT or OUT?
Unfortunately, our system just scan and index all biggest dogecoin transactions and a transaction is not always related to an exchange. If we take the example of Elon Musk and John Doe. Elon Musk send 1 DOGE to John Doe, but, is not a buying or selling movment, it's just a transaction. Ouaf.
Dogecoin can hit $1 during 2021?
Everything is possible. But keep in mind that trading is risky. Don't loose everything for the most famous crypto dog.
Shiba Inu vs Dogecoin?
Ouaf ouaf, ouaf ouaf ouaf ouaf. Ouaf ouaf, ouaf.
Where your data comes from?
This website is part of ClankApp, a crypto whales tracker across multiples blockchain like Dogecoin.
Why all transactions are not present on your Telegram / Twitter bot?
First, we don't display every transaction on our Telegram and Twitter bot because we don't want to spam you. And secondly, we display only transactions with a minimum of interest and which exceeds a certain USD threshold.

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